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Creativ Types Ltd

In June 2005, after managing a large creative department for over four years, my team and I faced redundancy by a prestigious Leicester-based retail group.

Despite the forthcoming closure of the internal department, the retail outlets owned by the group were keen for the design and marketing services to continue to be available. Being offered a potential client-base on a plate is a dream for any new business. There was also the chance to re-employ experienced, key members of the former team to deliver the services required by the clients. The Senior Designer and I recognised this was too good an opportunity to miss, but lacked knowledge of the best way in which to start a new business and found the whole idea of it quite daunting. After speaking to one of my former employers, I was advised to contact the CIRT team at LCB Depot.

Armed with basic details about the business idea, I met with them to discuss the process of starting a new business in the creative industry. They explained the differences between being a sole trader and a limited company as well as offering unbiased advice on how to move the initial idea forward. It’s amazing how much more confident you feel after speaking to someone who understands the pressures and problems involved with starting a new business.

An old cliché I know, but the rest is history. Creativtypes Limited has been in business now for over eight months and employs a team of four. Not only have CIRT been instrumental in making our business happen, they continue to support and develop us through coaching and providing invaluable seminars that offer advice on issues relevant to new start-ups.

Thank you CIRT for all of your help and support. Sharon Weston, Managing Director, Creativ Types Ltd.