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Top 5 reasons why you should translate your creative business website

Owning a creative business can be exciting and uncertain at the same time. You always have to rely on the needs of your clients to be able to earn a living as an agency. However, localizing your website into several other languages can amend for the lack of local clientele.

There is a plethora of clients and markets in the world in which you can successfully find your footing and start earning extra revenue. What are some of the best reasons to invest into website translation for your creative business website?

  1. Brand recognition

Using your brand to communicate with the public is the smartest way to build trust and recognition. People that you create designs and content for can use your branding to showcase who did that work for them.

In that way, you can successfully promote your brand in different markets across the world without actually investing into any particular marketing campaign. This can be achieved by simply localizing your website into languages such as English, Chinese, Russian, German, etc. Choose the languages that are popular in your niche and work your way out from there.

  1. Engaging new clients

Not every client will know Greek, English or French. You have to make your website as approachable and welcoming as possible if you want to attract new clients. Overseas clients usually offer very high rewards for working on their projects due to a difference in currencies and economies.

Making sure that your website is understandable and clear on what creative services you can offer is essential if you want to establish communication with new clients. Expanding your reach into different countries means that you can further build your brand recognition as a professional creative business.

  1. Improved SEO optimization

Regardless of the quality of services you offer, your online visibility will often hinge on the SEO optimization of your website. Google’s search algorithms work to ensure that people always see the most relevant links when conducting their search. This means that your site needs to abide by the rules set by Google.

You can do this by making sure that people of different nationalities and languages see your site in its native form. Checking out some of the online translation services can give you an idea of what kind of a translator you should employ. Keep in mind that SEO optimization will rise your ranking significantly if you choose the right languages for your type of work.

  1. Becoming competitive

Your creative agency is not the only one on the market. Fighting for the good will of your clients and stakeholders can be difficult if your services are not up to par with what the competition has to offer. Translating your website into different languages effectively means that you are expanding your reach into other countries and continents.

This type of open service solution can give your agency a fighting chance in different markets that would otherwise be unreachable. Your competitors will have to worry about your creative agency since you have decided to invest into translation and localization instead of forcing clients to use your native language. This extra effort on your part will only be beneficial in the long run.

  1. Increasing your revenue

Lastly, the most important part of translating your site into other popular languages is to increase your overall revenue. Every business has to make revenue in order to stay afloat. By investing money into localization and translation of every aspect of your site into other languages you will effectively attract new and exciting clients.

These clients will undoubtedly be satisfied with the way you handle PR and publicity with the translation choices you have provided for them. In doing so, you will make far more money than you initially spent on translating the website and all of your creative business materials including your portfolio and testimonials.

In summation

Creative agencies should strive to become as open to new clients and markets as possible. There is no denying that the world is becoming smaller by the day.

Why not use the opportunity to expand and increase your reach by simply translating your site into other languages? The worst thing that can happen is that your reach ends up being smaller than anticipated – a small price to pay in preparation for the future of internet business and marketing.