CUCKOO'S EGG (English Edition) por Clifford Stoll

August 22, 2019

CUCKOO'S EGG (English Edition) por Clifford Stoll

Titulo del libro: CUCKOO'S EGG (English Edition)

Autor: Clifford Stoll

Número de páginas: 418 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: May 23, 2012

Editor: Doubleday

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Clifford Stoll con CUCKOO'S EGG (English Edition)

Before the Internet became widely known as a global tool for terrorists, one perceptive U.S. citizen recognized its ominous potential. Armed with clear evidence of computer espionage, he began a highly personal quest to expose a hidden network of spies that threatened national security. But would the authorities back him up? Cliff Stoll's dramatic firsthand account is "a computer-age detective story, instantly fascinating [and] astonishingly gripping" (Smithsonian).

Cliff Stoll was an astronomer turned systems manager at Lawrence Berkeley Lab when a 75-cent accounting error alerted him to the presence of an unauthorized user on his system. The hacker's code name was "Hunter"—a mysterious invader who managed to break into U.S. computer systems and steal sensitive military and security information. Stoll began a one-man hunt of his own: spying on the spy. It was a dangerous game of deception, broken codes, satellites, and missile bases—a one-man sting operation that finally gained the attention of the CIA . . . and ultimately trapped an international spy ring fueled by cash, cocaine, and the KGB.