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Paint it_yellow_ V3 -The dawn of the Quiz

Thursday 4th August saw a selection of LCB Depot tenants arrive at Coffee Heaven to be greeted by jugs of Sangria, crazy green cocktail, punch and plates of Tapas, before embarking on the first pi_y_ 'pub quiz' event.

Everyone got into teams of 3 before Caroline launched the quiz with the first ten questions ranging from 'Where did the fabric Denim originally come from?' to 'Where would you hurt if you were kicked on the Hallux?' There was much scribbling and discussion among the teams as Elodie and Daniel weaved around the tables with bowls of meatballs and olives.

A short interval later Liz took to the stage to deliver the remaining 10 questions which comprised general knowledge and also tested the contestants on popular game show trivia…

'In "Just a Minute", Chairman Nicholas Parsons keeps control over a roll-call of celebrity contenders attempting to talk on a subject for sixty seconds without committing any of which three bloopers?'

And indeed without hesitation, repetition or deviation the answer sheets were submitted and scores totted up.

To everyone's delight there was a tie breaker, and it was the dulcet tones of Mr Matt Holt (MGL Media) giving his own special rendition of the 'Strike It Lucky' theme tune that won the day for the 'More Meatballs Please' team.

Elodie presented the 1st prize hamper and runners up prizes to the teams and it was then that the winning team were advised that of course, the best part of winning would be the fact that they will be responsible for writing and delivering the next paint it _yellow_ pub quiz, which is due to take place on October 6th.

Do come along to the next pi_y_ which Matt and his team believe will exceed all expectations, with the use of video clips and other visual prompts to make the event truly entertaining and extremely memorable!

Invitations and information will be distributed in the usual manner during September – and next time, why don't you bring a friend along?


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