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TBC with Rob Brown Part 2

Held at The Terrace Bar off Belvoir Street, the event saw the introduction of the TBC membership badges, a shiny new addition to the TBC family that allows members a fast and easy registration.
The Terrace Bar was an ambient venue, with an intriguing floor layout that provided a unique stage for Rob. The crowd were indulged in array of essential networking insights, all delivered with Rob's witty approach. These crucial tips and tricks built on Rob's previous TBC event and re-affirmed the basics, such as your opening line and the position of your name badge.

The B.L.U.F.F. approach to networking also proved to be a perceptive and engaging method to apply to all manner of networking occasions, aiding in the acquisition of crucial contacts and business.

With this in mind Rob asked the crowd to network with someone in the room they had not previously met. This gave people a chance to put the method to work in a relaxed, sociable environment. He then asked the creative crowd to repeat this, giving people a chance to get to grips with the tactics he had armed them with.

The TBC crowd were then left to network on their own and take the opportunity to refine and build on what they had learnt that evening.

The evening proved successful, with people leaving The Terrace Bar with the effective tools to be confident networkers.

Rob will return to TBC in the New Year.

Why not put these new skills to the test at the forthcoming TBC social 16th November see for more details.


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