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Liz has a great joke to tell you!

Here are her views on the week's issues.

QAre adults who wear replica football tops when not at soccer matches loyal supporters, or pathetic?

AI'd have to come down on the side of them being loyal supporters. You've got to be seriously loyal to willingly wear any items of clothing made out of polyester.

QThe future of the human race depends on us travelling to another planet, says a top scientist. Would you want to live on another world?

AI'm happy here thanks, and would only want to leave if it was absolutely necessary.

QAre the tabloids being unfair to Heather Mills-McCartney over her sleazy past?

ABeing in the public eye, this type of media coverage kind of goes with the territory.

I'm sure most people have done something in their own past that they wouldn't appreciate becoming public knowledge.

QA bus driver in Yorkshire refused to believe a 98-year-old was a pensioner. Have you ever been mistaken for someone younger?

AI turned 30 in January and since then I've been asked for ID at supermarket checkouts and pubs more than I ever was in my entire life.

I don't know whether to be flattered or annoyed - maybe that portrait in the attic is working.

QIs TV reality show Big Brother fixed?

AI have never watched it. There's an argument to say that it's being fixed throughout. It's all just a bit of fun, though.

QSpike Milligan wrote the world's funniest joke, according to boffins. What's the funniest clean joke you've heard recently?

AWhy do Marxists only drink fruit tea? Because proper tea is theft.


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