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Paint it_yellow_

Following an intentionally enigmantic teaser campaign for the paint it_yellow_ event- tenants gathered together to "meet the neighbours" on March 30th.

The soiree was organised by LCB Depot management and the cirt team after various tenants mentioning that they had not really had the opportunity to meet with the other resident companies.

Meetings took place- plans were hatched - and rumour had it that the obscure event name was arrived at in the pub (but as most creatives will know this is generally where the best ideas originate).

And so it was at 6pm tenants began to drift - somewhat tentatively at first - into Coffee Heaven after circulating with the guests the cirt team were content that things were going pretty well. "There has been a good turn out- so it seems that the sight of Caroline and I sporting boiler suits and waving paint brushes loaded with yellow emulsion did not seem to put too many people off coming" Liz commented.

Of course she was referring to the quirky piece of last minute event promotion that applied all-important icing to sumptuous cakey goodness beneath.

The event concluded three hours later leaving guests with lots to say about the evening- the general consensus being that these informal chances to talk to people should be a bit of a regular thing.

This has been duly noted and paint it _yellow_v2 will happen some time in June.

It is anticipated that it will be a bit warmer and so the chance to mess about in the fresh air might present itself.

"it was a really good night and doing it every couple of months will help the businesses here to see the value of networking" commented David.

"Yeah I had a good night. I think there are a couple of things that can be done differently next time- but I have given my feedback and it has been taken on board" commented Michael Wykes whose graphic design company is based in the depot.

So depot people keep your eyes open for those cheeky little yellow bits of paper that keep on appearing everywhere!


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